gse_picHi there, I’m Rachel – a Social Science Research Professional in the AAALab at Stanford University. I’m passionate about science education, communication, and public outreach. I’m very excited to be using my quantitative science skills for education research and to inspire enthusiasm about STEM both in the classroom and in informal learning spaces.

As part of the AAALab team, I will be developing and implementing instructional materials, interfacing regularly with teachers, parents, and students, collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, and designing learning technologies.

I recently finished my PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania, where my research focused on observational cosmology using Type Ia Supernovae (incredibly bright stellar explosions). My work was driven by the desire to better understand what these explosions can teach us about the evolution of the cosmos.

I’m from Orange County, California and received my B.S. in Astrophysics from UCLA (Go Bruins!!). When I’m not researching, I’m working on science education & outreach projects, experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen, hosting dinner parties, or watching football. I’m a tea enthusiast, Disney fan, and very excited to share science and STEM education with you!

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